Color Me Correctly

Is this MY Color?
Am I really an Autumn - Spring - Winter - Summer?

An Invitation to Color & Style

Color is the visual poetry of our lives.

Color is what makes everything beautiful.

Color, texture, pattern and style influence our choices in clothing, art, and decorating. It is simple to change and yet it has a complex and powerful impact on our daily living including our feelings. Discovering and utilizing color, fabric, texture, pattern and style, that are uniquely you, brings a delicate harmonious balance to your environment. Color is variable from blue tones to yellow and mellowed from ashen to earthy. Seeing their variances as they uniquely relate to your own skin tone gives you incite into your uniqueness.

I, as your personal colorist, will help you harmonize your environment by showing you what best suits you in:

Glasses                                                Hair Color                                    Patterns
Make-up                                             Jewelry                                         Dress Line
Leathers                                              Accessories                                   Fabrics

Individual Styles and Influences